Lucie Debelkova.

“My first trips took me to places where ancient civilizations had left their mark such as India, Egypt and Middle East. I Traveled as far as Mongolia, New Zealand and Alaska, always enjoying discovering new places and if lucky returning there too. I slowly but surely got used to it and travelled 78 countries ever since, finding home in different places of the world.” – Lucie Debelkova.

Lucie Debelkova was born in one of the most alluring cities on the planet, Prague -the capital city of the Czech Republic. Her passion for the world, and her love of photography speak for itself in the images she captures. With a camera at hand at all times, Lucie captures the essence and emotion of being alive.

Lucie’s Love for travel has taken her to the ends of the earth, currently based in Kuwait Lucie Debelkova has traveled to over 78 countries. Her work has been
published by the Sunday Times Traveller magazine, Etihad Airlines Inflight Magazine and CNN just to name a few.

"Every time I'm starting a new trip I'm catching a dream... Discovering new places and meeting people with different customs, looking for new atmospheres, perfumes, smells, tastes and sounds. Every trip to a new place is like being born again" – Lucie Debelkova.


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